Questionnaire: Are you one of us?

Do you suspect that you may have lived other lives? If so, take this quick, confidential test today! Every time you answer "yes," give yourself a point.


When you were a very small child, did you seem to have your own "language?"

Were you very imaginative? When you played, could you see other places in your mind?

Did you ever hear voices that weren't really there?

Did you like to pretend that you had a particular job?

Did you often give your dolls or action figures the same name?

Did you have an imaginary friend?

Did you feel out of place in your family or your hometown?

Do your parents remember hearing you talk about another family or another lifetime?

Were you ever described as a "prodigy?"


ZERO: It's unlikely that you've lived before.

1-3: It's quite possible that you have lived before. Please meet with one of our advisors to determine whether you're eligible for entry level membership.

3-5: You are almost certain to have experienced previous existences. Our senior advisors can assess your talents and help you remember more.

6+: You are an Eternal One. Please contact us as soon as possible.


Do you often experience déjà vu (the sensation that you've seen or experienced something before)?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about a place you've never visited or people you've never met?

Is there anything that terrifies you for no reason? (Dogs, bridges, airplanes, etc.)

Do you ever feel like something or someone is waiting for you?

Have you ever felt unusually close to someone you've just met?

Have you ever fallen in love "at first sight?"

Is there a particular country or period in history that fascinates you?

Do you learn foreign languages easily?

Do you have a talent that you don't share with other family members?

Do you ever fail to recognize yourself when you catch your reflection in a mirror?

Do you ever feel like you're not where you need to be?

Is there a kind of food that you've always hated for no good reason?